I'm on a horse

This past weekend my friend Brook and I went on a school horseback riding trip. It was the perfect mix of fun an relaxation. Out in the country of Va it was absolutely beautiful,even with a thunderstorm looming behind us. I love the feeling of being on a horse and I miss the days of when I used to horseback ride. Maybe one day I'll live on a quaint horse farm. I could be perfectly content with that.

My horse was named Rusty. But let me tell you they were sorely mistaken when they named that horse. He was anything but rusty.


  1. how fun!! i miss horseback riding sooo much! looks like it was so much fun :)

    ps do you go to liberty?? I have family that went there and still lives in the area :)

  2. i bought a groupon to go horseback riding. need to use it!

  3. Fun! I just went horse riding for the first time in like, forever, too! It was a lot less scary then I thought it would be! :)


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