Bucket List #1,2 &3

First off let me say I don't have an "official" bucket list but for numbering purposes I'll make these the first three on my list. I find it kind of funny to have a list named the bucket list because its things you want to do before you "kick the bucket" which is an awful expression but that's a whole other story. Let's start with number 1 shall we?

Number 1.
Ride a motorcycle. Mom don't freak out(although i'm pretty sure you've done this back in the day), I have yet to do this and if the chance ever presents itself I'll be praying the whole time.I have officially met two people during the past week who have motorcycles, so I may not have to wait as long as I thought for this one.

Number 2.
Sand Surfing. Ever seen the huge sand mountains in Colorado? Yep I want to go sand boarding on them. I think that'd be pretty neat. Here's a video!

Number 3.
Travel through Italy. I know this day will come because I wont die until I've traveled there. I want to search the land  and explore my heritage. I'm just dying to get to the streets and soak it all in.

What on you bucket list??


  1. http://dramaticelegance.blogspot.com/p/bucket-list.html

    far too much to write in this comment. oh, how i love dream lists and bucket lists.

  2. Hello there :) Your blog is so fun! Don't be nervous about the motorcycle thing.. I've been riding motorcycles since I was 8 and there's really nothin' to it. You just have to get it into your head that leaning toward the ground will not make you fall over when you're turning. I think its so cool that that is on your bucket list!

  3. Will have to think about my own bucket list. As far as your list, #1, rode on back of a motorcycle "back in the day", my mom was NOT happy. #2, will have to check out the video, never heard of sand surfing. #3, would love to go to Italy, Tuscany, to be exact.

  4. i love your bucket list! I have a big one, but i love the idea of doing little ones! Cute blog by the way! :)


  5. your dreams are my dreams. if i could go to italy, even for a day, life would be complete. the gondolas, ancient ruins, and verdant countryside completely win my heart over.


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