6 Fun facts

Fun Facts of the Day.. don't act like you aren't excited about this

I'm not embarrassed by this so I will share.Wait that's a lie, I'm a tad embarrassed but I'm going to share so none of you have to go through this embarrassing experience. Yesterday I decided I was going to help save a life! Yep I actually told my friend that. So I made my way over to the blood drive our school was having. It was 2:00, I hadn't had lunch yet ( big problem folks) and I proceeded to donate blood. I'm not such a huge fan of needles or pain as it is but I told myself id be ok as long as i didn't look. Well i didn't look and i survived. Until they took the needle out and i started to feel woozy. You know the woozy when black dots start appearing and then you panic because you know whats about to happen. And then you start getting really hot and tell the nurse you need to lie down for a sec but " you'll be ok".   Who the heck wants to pass out on a table in the middle of the school hallway!? Not me that's for sure.  I tried to fight it  but sometimes you just cant fight your body. So i slipped away for a few seconds. I was told I looked peaceful. Geez people I didn't DIE I just passed out for a quick sec. Lesson learned: always eat lunch before attempting to save a life.

FACT #2 
I REALLY want some brown boots for the fall and then I found these. Are they worth the $59 to buy them? And do we like the little lace up in the back? Opinions are appreciated.

FACT #3 
If you are allergic to shellfish then chances are you're allergic to iodine( the stuff doctors clean your skin with, before surgery, the nasty brown stuff) Yep, its true I learned this yesterday from a nurse. But no worries I'm not allergic. That would have just made for a bad day, being allergic and passing out.

FACT #4 ( which might not be a true fact)
I heard that if you have your emergency brake on then you cant get towed. Is this true or false? Not sure but I don't feel like trying it to find out. You see we have a little issue with parking on campus and there are numerous cars towed daily, I'm talking upwards of 30 cars a day.None of those have been me yet, thank the Lord.


Panera's cinnamon crunch bagels are the bomb. For those of you who calorie count, don't eat one. For those of you looking to enjoy your day a little more, eat away. The best bagel  I have ever eaten. And I'm a Panera club card member and I get free stuff all the time. What up. It's free to sign up ( hellooo) and you get free stuff right off the bat (what is not good about this?!).


I'm really jealous of people with iphones  because I want to use instagrams and I cant. I don't know what it is but they just look so darn cool.


  1. a) the boots = brilliant. i now want a pair.

    b) cinnamon crunch bagels are delightful bits of goodness from heaven. i now want one.

    goodness, you're making me want things today. <3

  2. The boots are cute! If you're iffy on the price just think to yourself if you could live without them. But you can't beat $50!!

    I think it's awesome that you have a Panera club card. Might get one myself :)

    I'm definitely addicted to Instagram. You might want to consider getting some version of the iphone...it's worth it. But who am I to talk! I kept my crappy blackberry for over 2 years until it died. I then reluctantly bought the iphone and felt like I was spending a part of my soul. But I definitely do not regret it!

    Hope you're having a wonderful Thursday!

  3. Emily! I love your facts! :] Get the boots. GET THEM. They are totally work $59 plus shipping. YES. The Cinnamon crunch Panera bagel is the PERFECT fall snack! (Forget calories... I love that bagel too much)

    And, at least your pass out didn't take you away from your shopping yesterday! :]

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  5. Does your mother know about fact #1?
    Cute boots but I like heels!!

  6. Those boots are a must have!! I have a few pairs myself & wear them all fall & winter. Those are super cute too! Love the lace up! :)

    I just became your newest follower! I would love for you to check out our blog & follow us back if you'd like!

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  7. I NEED brown boots for fall also ;) I like the ones you picked out.

  8. ahh noo hope you are ok after your little passing out session :)

    those boots are awesomee!! defs get them. they are perfect for autumn! and those bagels sound ahhhmazing!!



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