I survived an earthquake and lived to blog about it

YEP its true I survived an earthquake yesterday! Its true, my first earthquake ever in virginia. Whats even crazier is that my family back home in NJ felt it too! I knew the possibility of the children upstairs causing that much of a ruckus was impossible and naturally the only explanation for the entire apartment shaking was an earthquake. Its a really wierd sensation when you actually figure out whats happening. Of course I bolted straight for a doorway to stand under I mean ducking under a table would have been a little extreme in this instance since it wasn't as bad in my town. You want to know how I celebrated? I headed straight to the pool of course! My first thoughts were " what if an aftershock causes the pool to tsunami wave?" which was quickly shot down by my mother. That woman is full of reason. BUT my thoughts may not have been mine alone because I was the only person at the entire pool so therefore everyone else was also worried about a tsunami wave from the pool. Needless to say I am still here and blogging!

Second random thought of the day - 262 days until I am a college grad! Yipee! You may think I'm thinking about graduation a little prematurely. And to that I say "HECK NO". Everyday is a day closer to finishing homework forever.

Hope you who were in the earthquake zone were not hurt! Those of you who weren't- thank the Lord you weren't.


  1. oh earthquakes...annoying little buggers!

    and HELL YEA to the graduation count down. It's a glorious feeling :)

  2. So glad everything's ok after the earthquake, I'm kinda sad I missed it! And you're sooo close to graduating! Congrats!


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