Girls day out in Chester,NJ

The other day I took a beautiful trip up to Chester,NJ with my sister,mom,aunt and grandma for a ladies day out! Sometimes you just need to leave those men at home (you feel me?). It was the most perfect weather  and the town is just adorable with cute little shops,cafes and restaurants. We ate at the Publick House Tavern & Inn, highly recommend its just delicious.

Um hello best cupcakes ever

I had to convince her to smile for the blog

sisters - please excuse my horrifically shiny face
Frozen Hot chocolate- to die for

Madre and I


  1. Frozen hot chocolate? o.m.g. How have I not tried this? Amazing!! Cute pictures :)

  2. we are headed in that direction this autumn! might need to make a pit stop:) looks fabulous!

  3. Bellas las tres! Loving the pictures darling.

  4. how sweet.. i love girls days out!

  5. i want to be friends with you and have days like this!!!! looks so fun!


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