Ewwws and OOpsies

Source: flickr.com via Brandy on Pinterest

The woman who came up to me in CVS and grabbed my cheeks and proceed to tell me how tall and pretty I was.

#1 thank you?( It drives me bonkers when people comment on my height. As if I'm not aware of how tall I am, like thank you)
#2 DO NOT touch my face (I've come to realize I'm slightly a germaphobe recently. I think working in NYC cranked it up a notch and the thought of a stranger touching my face- schevvvyy and yes thats Italian slang for grossss)


Going to the supermarket to get some mozzarella. Waiting at the deli counter behind a man and his daughter who appeared to be looking at cheeses. No one else was around and they looked like they were being helped since the guy at the counter was doing squat. I walk up and am standing there a few seconds, the deli boy looks at me and says "can I help you". I order my mozzarella and get on my way as the man and his daughter start ordering. Oopsies I didn't know you were waiting-but is it really my fault the deli boy asked me first and I assumed they were already being helped because of this?- I think not.


  1. Your blog is too stinking cute! And I love this post! Very very funny!


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