Currently obsessing over Concerts

Yep its true concerts. Once you get the concert bug in you, well let me tell you its hard to get rid of it. Fact #1. My first country concert was Taylor Swift this summer. Which was beyond amazing. Last night my school had a block party and (drumroll please) Andy Davis and Dave Barnes were the entertainment for the night.Both amazing singers. 

Honestly before last night I had no idea who Andy Davis was and now he's the love of my life. No joke. We bonded & chatted in the parking lot and now we're facebook friends( which makes everything official).  Pretty sure he also wrote a song about me. Its called "brown eyes". I can't help it if he is describing me in the song. Like hello it's meant to be andy davis. I have pictures to prove it. And the other love of my life Luke Bryan (swoon) is coming to Greensboro NC in Oct and guess who just bought tickets?? Yours truly. Yes I have become that girl who wants to go to every concert out there.

oh heyyy andy davis 

We look pretty cute together right? and that's one of my best friends to the right.
dont worry shes not trying to steal the love of my life andy davis

                                                                 And here's "Brown eyes"

                                                                     And Dave barnes

Whats your favorite concert you've been to? Any coming up?!


  1. Haha, you guys look totally cute together -- I think that song IS about you! Love it. He seems awesome.

  2. that is adorable!!! i'm totally getting the concert bug too, there's so many i want to go to! i'm seeing foster the people in october!


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