My crazy encounters with men in NYC

There's really no perfect way to start this post besides saying "What in the world are men thinking?" To say I've had some weird experiences with men since working in NYC is an understatement. Please don't take this as I'm bragging about my encounters with men because that is SO far from the truth. If anything I'm completely baffled by the things men say and do. I'm sure we all have our horrors story and worst pick up lines we've heard. Id actually love to hear each and every single one of yours because I'm sure they are beyond entertaining. I'm thinking we should all get together and share. Sound good? Ok I'll go first.

Case #1

While I was out on a run to go pick up clothes from a PR company I'm walking down broadway and as im approaching a guy who was at least 10 years older than me he starts counting out loud 

" 3,2,1 and this is when we become friend, Hi whats your name?"

me: Sorry im working(and picking up the pace to a brisk walk)

"Wow thats a wierd name!"

No kidding bud. Hopefully that hasnt worked before.

Case #2

I was on a coffee run (yep typical intern duties) and my friend and I stopped at an ATM real quick. While she was at the ATM i was just standing aside waiting,coffee in tow, minding my own business. Next thing I know a foreign guy starts talking to me. Here's the brief version of our conversation. It's not 100% accurate due to the fact that these encounters tend to throw me off and make me nervous/panicky.

Foreign dude: So you work here?
me: Yep
Foreign dude:  Do you live in jersey?
me: *thinking to myself* (As if I am going to tell you where I live you psycho!) Yep i do
Foreign dude: where do you work?
me: conde nast
foreign dude: do you work everyday
me: nope only one ( lie #1,now im seriously praying my friend will sense my panic and hurry the heck up)
foreign dude: whats your name
me: Michelle (lie #2,fake names come in handy if you can pull it off without thinking too long and taking too long to respond)
Foreign dude: well maybe sometime we can go to dinner,my office is around this area. can I have your number?
me: ( as I'm bolting for the door/freaking out ) Nope don't think so sorry

WHY do men think you will give them your phone number when you #1 know NOTHING about them #2 dont even know their name

I'm praying and hoping i have no more stories to report. I know I pray for a guy to come along but geez God has  a sense of humor. Clearly this is him telling me to wait,he'll send the right one at the right time. For now he can keep the crazies.

and I feel this is appropriate for after all that.


  1. OMG!!!! Seriously??? I wonder what goes through mens brains?!!? What the heckkkkk! Love the lies. I have pulled those many times. Love that quote too...SO TRUE. Oh the life of a single girl... <3

  2. Yikes! I hate creepy encounters where you're put on the spot :(

  3. Hahaha, oh my gosh! Too too funny. That's New York for ya!


  4. hahaha I know what you mean! I spent two summers interning in NYC and would have the strangest encounters with men.... honestly, how do they think of some of these things??


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