Who doesnt love freebies?

Work just got a whole lot better today once I was informed about the "freebie counter". Yes that means I get to get beauty products for FREE. Woohoo. I grabbed up a few goodies today. I mean when its free who really cares what it is right? And dont judge but I totally grabbed a roberto cavalli hanger. They just throw them out! Another girl grabbed a chanel one, thats next on my list. Dont judge me for this. You know you would do it too.

Left to right:  
Goldwell Style Sign Volume Jelly Boost (Spray Gel), Marc Anthony overnight hair repair, Glo Minerals face mist($18!)

here's my hanger. dont make fun. its the only Cavalli hanger Ill ever have.


  1. Oooh that is so cool! Lucky you with all those awesome freebies ;)


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