True or False?

True or False? The smell of summer can make you fall in love?

I vote True. Just yesterday I said the smell of summer is the most amazing thing in the world. Summer is magical and there's no denying it.


  1. it really is! the smell of summer gives me such a happy feeling and i love it. that and winter :)

  2. Where do you live? Summer is not magical in Texas, and it doesn't make you fall in love. Unless you love the smell of sweaty armpits and frying flesh.

    Ha! I kid. Except not really. It's flipping HOT here. In the high 90's and 100's for a few months straight! :P

  3. Cute blog! And I totally agree. The smell of summer is intoxicating!

    - S from Following the Walkers

  4. oh my gosh SO. TRUE. The smell of the beginning of any season just makes my heart sing!


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