Im a "Lucky" Girl

 Happy Tuesday! Looks like we all survived Monday thank the Lord!

I have some news for you all, yesterday was my first day as an intern at Lucky Magazine! Yes Lucky Magazine in NYC at the Conde Nast building right off times square. After my first day I felt like I got hit by a taxi. literally. I'm definitely not used to working 10 hours on my feet. Yes 10 hours.But I did have some fun adventures like picking up clothes from Juicy couture showroom and previewing next seasons BCBG. Lets just say its going to be a good season for them, I love all the pieces! I bought some new shoes for my internship. Who was I kidding thinking heels would last me all day long? Anyway regardless of whether or not my feet need a serious massage is besides the point,the shoes are adorable. Franco Sarto thank you.

Forever 21 Sunglass since I manage to break every pair I dont spend any money on them

Lint sheets! Genius idea.

Dont mind my blue chipping nailpolish

Cant wait to try these! They looked declicious!

Cocktail flavored jelly beans yummm!

Hope you all had a good monday! Ill keep you posted on my magazine adventures in NYC


  1. what a fabulous internship to have! sneak peeks into fashion lineups and pieces and access to fabulous job opportunities! LOVE those shoes and those jelly beans? they look delish!

  2. those shoes are adorable :) as is your blog.

  3. That internship sounds amazing! Love the shoes!

  4. Sooooooo excited for you! Wooo hooo :)


  5. just stumbled upon your those shoes!! :)

  6. Wow wow wow! Exciting times! I have a few friends working in L.A. at Conde Nast. I'm living vicariously through them:-) xoxo

  7. Fab shoes!!! You certainly cannot work in those all day. Wonderful, exciting times in your life Emily. You are truly blessed.

  8. Love the shoes and congrats on the awesome news!


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