Yearning for summer

This is what I should be doing on my summer vacation.Enjoying the sun.the pits.marshmallows.time with family.lunch dates with girlfriends.

Instead my apartment has turned into a disaster zone. Why you ask? I'm moving. Moving is probably the worst thing in the world. It forces you to recreate your life somewhere else. It changes everything you are used to and turns your world upside down. Not to mention the oodles of boxes you need to pack. Yes finals have finished (huge sigh of relief) but me being the over achiever college student that I am must stay for an intensive class.Yes that's right yours truly will be in class from 8-5 next week studying the same class all day long.Not to mention i have an online business class starting in July, Yay.

So while I wish I had a wonderful blog post full of fashion. I just have packing on the brain.However,I'm making BBQ chicken and fresh( as in picked up from walmart today) corn on the cob for dinner so this day just got a little better.
I'm in the works of creating my summer goals list. Whats on your summer list friends?

But check out this list of the top 10 things to do this summer