Whirlwind of a weekend

What a weekend! I packed so much into this weekend I'm exhausted from all the fun I had :) It was one of the last weekends of the semester and it was definitely a good one. Where to begin...

  • Friday I went to our schools lake to lay out.although the sun didn't show its face much it was still fun to be in a bathing suit and near water after a long winter of cold and layers
  • After that we went to La Caretta for Mexican
  • A baseball game followed. I simply love baseball and that's all there is to it.
  • Saturday was an absolute Gorgeous day out! So me and my girlfriends went to another baseball game
  • Birthday dinner for a girlfriend  at depot grille and a black and white party followed
  • I usually have a strong hate for Mondays since it means the weekend is over but I woke up and made apple pancakes which are amazing so it was a great start to my day and once again today the weather was amazing so I ventured back to the lake  with girlfriends where I proceeded to get an amazing tan, if I do say so myself. Perfect monday.
birthday girl in pink!

girls at depot grill for birthday dinner

Love spring baseball games! Of course with sonic happy hour.

Thank you spring for finally arriving, you're making me very happy lately :)

What did you do this weekend friends? Any outside activities

PS. Today my sister told me she got me tickets for us to go to Taylor Swift for my 21st birthday. She is officially the best sister in the world! Not that she wasn't before but I've been annoying her about how bad I want to go for months,little did I know she has had tickets the whole time. Although its not until July I already have my outfit planned out. Did you expect anything less? :)