Things Im loving

Things I'm Loving

  • Lady Antebellums new song "Just a Kiss"

  • Starbucks Chai Tea concentrate- its only $6 at Barnes and Noble Starbucks and I've already gotten three chai teas out of it, am I beating the system? Yes I am and I'm winning.
  • Essie nail polish- "Splash of Grenadine"
  • Thoughts of summer being so close!

Things I'm Hating
  • Listerine whitening restoration- It leaves horrible aftertaste I can barely stand to use it, I do not recommend this
  • The fact that it was 65 today and its May as well as the forecast not looking so good for the next week
  • Thoughts of packing up my apartment to move= stressful

whats on your love/hate list ? 2 days until the weekend!


  1. i use crest whitening mouthwash and it is the worst. so i feel your pain.

    and i love lady antebellum.

  2. love
    + that it's Friday {obviously}
    + speaking of Chai, I swear I have found one that tops Starbucks {which i never thought would happen} at a local cafe by my house. It's my new go to :)
    + new sky-high steve maddens in blush that i bought yesterday.

    + that being a grown up doesn't allow things like spring break or summer vacation
    + with the warm weather comes super dry skin.
    + that it is only 10:20am on Friday. 5pm is. too. far. away.

    This should be a weekly post for you :) Love your list!


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