The return from Indiana

Hey Friends! I'm back from the wedding weekend in Indiana!My friend was absolutely a gorgeous bride and I am so excited for her and her new husband!
me, the bride and my two best friends

cutest tissue paper poof decorations!

they are the most in love couple I have ever witnessed

the left on the boat after the ceremony!

Wedding party!

 I learned one piece of useful information for you ladies out there. I had dyed my shoes from a previous wedding so they would match my black dress. The weather was rainy all week out in Indiana and little did I know that my shoes would dye my feet black from getting wet. I am talking straight up black feet. Luckily its slowly coming off and I don't think I'll have black feet forever. But beware that freshly died shoes and rain don't mix too nicely :)

Weird sighting of the weekend: On my flight connection from Detroit I looked over at the woman in front of me only to notice her toenails. Maybe I'm the only person in the world who notices feet? Is this weird? Moving on, I kid you not she had tips on her toes. You know, the fake plastic kind you can buy at walmart and glue to your fingernails. But they were on her toes! Am I the only one who has never seen this? And does anyone else out there actually do this? I'm all about keeping my toenails short and painted so this is  completely foreign concept to me.

Have a great week!!


  1. you look so pretty! so does that wedding! how fun :)

  2. That is SO cool that they left on the boat! I just adore weddings :)


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