True life: I have a black thumb

 Some people have a "green thumb" I however have a "black thumb" Year after year I try so hard to grow flowers in the spring. I start them all inside,in a little pot. The past two years Ive tried in my dorm room. I have been successful in growing a little sprout and then when it comes time to bring it home for the summer, i end up killing it and forgetting to water it. It never fails, they all die or look extremely sick and pathetic. Yesterday I was wandering through Walmart, (that store is so dangerous, you walk in for one thing and walk out with 10 unnecessary items) I came across a Kids mini greenhouse. It was only a dollar so I though what the heck! I mean seriously how bad could you mess up a Kids green house kit? It's for 5 year old's for goodness sake! All you have to do is add the two packets that come in it and viola. Well I got it all set up on my windowsill and about 3 hours later i went to move it and BAM, all over the floor, in my business bag and all over the carpet. Needless to say what I thought was impossible to mess up, I managed to destroy. I wont let this bring me down, I'm going to march back to Walmart and buy another one of those kits and one day, I will succeed in growing something.

Here is the picture I took when I thought to myself "I'm going to blog about my journey to growing this plant!"

Here is the picture when I thought "Oh crap, I have to be the clumsiest person in the world"

Not only did it go all over the rug but inside my purse as well

Do you have a green thumb? 
Or do you have tons of horrors stories like me?? Happy Tuesday!


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