Spring makes me dream lots of dreams

As of late Ive been obsessed with Italy. No surprise there really, after all I am half Italian and have been intrigued by my heritage ever since I was little. More recently though  um the past few weeks Ive been thinking of ways to get myself to Italy. Anything at this point will do. I've thought of it all. Jumping on a plane with no plans but money in my wallet and figure it all out one I get there. This plan would never and I mean never fly with my parents. So onto the next fantasy trip which includes mapping it all out and going with my best friend for a few months to explore the land and culture,slowly eating my way through Italy and seeing all the sights. Until I have a job/money that plan wont work very well. Thirdly Ive explored being an Au Pair or live in tutor to teach children English. Both are seeming pretty great to me at the moment. This little escapade could be taking place next fall or awhile down the road. But in my mind the sooner the better. Of course if this takes place ,you'll be the first to hear all about it! In the meantime Ill let my mind wander to thoughts of me in Italia :)

Cinque Terre yes please :)

Look they have a table waiting for me, too kind of them.

Where do you want to travel? Any international travel plans for the near future friends?


  1. Ah soo many places I want to travel! Right now I have Scotland and Ireland on my mind ;)

  2. The pastel and bright houses in Cinque Terre make it look like a make believe place. I can't believe some place that gorgeous is real!


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