Nailpolish: the forgotten accessory

Nice is Nice

Topless& Barefoot

Sweet Talker
Bachelorette Bash 

Splash of Grenadine

Nail polish can be the extra accessory to any outfit! Don't forget about painting you nails to add that extra pop of color. I promise you my nails are NEVER, i repeat NEVER bare. I love these Essie colors and most of all their names. I think because the names are so sassy it makes me feel a little more fun. I cant wait to try out all these fun summer colors! 

Whats your go to summer color??


  1. Red is usually my go to color but I've been going with purples lately. I never leave my nails bare either.

  2. oh well look at that, Essie just seems to be the nail polish of the moment :) I'm think corals are my go to this darn lovely those colors, plus the names are so fun!

  3. Girl, I'm just like you - my nails are never bare. I feel naked! My go to summer colors are Ballet Slippers by Essie and Thrill of Brazil by OPI.


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