Today I.....

* Am happy
* Got a spray tan. First one ever. Good news, I have yet to turn orange but 
they say it takes a few hours for it to set in so I will keep you posted.
* Finished all 5 of my exams and I feel free!
* Made pancakes for breakfast. I absolutely love pancakes especially with
shredded apple or chocolate chips
* Sat down for the first time in days with not a single thing on my to do list

Have a fantastic weekend! Tomorrow I'm packing and headed to Florida Sunday! 
Expect pictures when I get back!


  1. mmm...shredded apple on pancakes?! genius!

    have a great weekend. and congrats on getting your to-do list done. i'm jealous...

  2. Fun!!! Have a great time in Florida!

  3. whoooo! spray tan and pancakes!! sounds like a bomb start to spring break!!! have so much fun and cannot wait to see pictures!! xx

    p.s. please update about the spray tan. i'm interested!


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