How to:Spray tan & Florida part 1

Hello Friends I'm back! Wow it honestly feels like its been weeks! Some of you have asked me how the spray tan turned out and I thought I'd take  this post to give you a few tips on how to avoid a bad spray tan and update you a little on my trip to FL for spring break! There will be more Florida posts to come but this is just to give you a little taste of the sunshine and warmth :) 

Lets talk about that spray tan I got right before I left. First off I went to Tournesol, I've never gotten a spray tan before so this was an experience for me. The person who works there, whoever it may be gives you the low down and what to do and how it works. First, the girl showed me four different positions to stand in and turn my arms,hands etc. Then while in the booth after my first stance, I panicked about the rest,needless to say I pulled myself together and remembered the rest. Phew!Let's just say if you forget one of them your tan can turn out a little funky. Here's a few random facts and tips for if you ever decide to try a spray tan so you don't end up looking like this....
1. It smells HORRIBLE in the booth during the tan, I thought I may come close to suffocating in there so Hold your breath before it starts and DON'T breath in while its going! 
2. There's about 5 seconds between each spray,during these few seconds you change body positions, this is when you should get a quick breath!
3. The second you get out of of there you should wipe your hands with the wet 
wipes they provide. 
4. They tell you to wipe not  pat your body dry but you need to do this very quickly before it dries. I didn't wipe my feet and ankles/back of ankles(don't forget about this area!) well enough and they were blotchy and a tad orange looking,not cool.
5. Besides my feet, the insides of my legs had a white stripe,clearly the spray tan didn't get there so make sure to either turn your legs a little during one of the sprays or wipe really good with the towel so it blends better.
6. Wipe the sides of your hands really good! I ended up with the most prominent tan line ever on the sides of my hands and under my wrists. Not especially attractive and I found myself trying to hide my hands in my sleeves for a few days.
7. I ended up using nail polish remover on my feet to wipe some of the blotchy areas off and it did work so give that a try if you need some help!
8. Wear baggy clothes or something that isn't too tight on the skin, shorts and a big Tshirt is best, I however didn't follow this rule and my clothes were a little wet from the tan.

{I wouldn't recommend getting one for the first time if you aren't going to get tan on top of it right away just in-case it turns out bad}
{Luckily I did go to FL and get tan right away so as it was fading my natural tan was coming over it which saved me from being an awkward yellow color., which I think is the direction I was headed}

The GOOD news is my face looked perfectly normal and so did the rest of my body besides the few small areas that turned out not so hot looking. And I really didn't come out orange at all so that was a BIG blessing.

 Driving on our way to the Marriott in Clearwater on Sands Bay!

 From our balcony we could see the bay and from the living room we could see the beach!

Here I am  on the balcony with the bay in the background spray tanned and no orange
to be found :)

Hope you can learn from my mistakes! Be looking for more  posts about Florida soon!


  1. sounds like a positive experience for the most part! can't wait to see pictures from your trip!

  2. Florida looks gorgeous! I hope you enjoyed your time there :)
    I've never gotten a spray tan, but if I do I will for suure reference these tips! Good to know for first timers. Thanks :)


  3. Love spray tanning! I go often and am going this Friday actually;)

    xo Jess


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