Lucky Chic- Live a little,Bid a little

I honestly have no CLUE how I stumbled upon this website yesterday, but I did. Lucky Chic is a website where you can purchase "lucky coins" and bid on items. Each coin is $0.60 and you get one "bid" off each. You can bid on amazing things, seriously they have vacation packages,gift cards,beauty products,designer purses and jewelry! Whats the catch? Well here it is, if you lose a bid you don't get your money back, so you have to take a chance and learn to wait till the last possible second. Sounds a little like gambling doesnt it? I'll let you decide your own convictions on that matter. However just for signing up you get 3 free coins. I of course was curious to learn more about this fascinating website so I signed up, got my 3 lucky coins and tried to win a free Starbucks gift card. The stuff on this website is GOOD.My lucky coins are gone and I will not be spending a penny on their website but for those of you interested they have $100 American express gift cards, Starbucks, Exxon,amazon and so much more. Go check it out and let me know if you get lucky and win anything! Yesterday the $15 Starbucks gift card I tried to win sold for $4.80. That's a deal if I ever saw one.

Best of Luck! Let me know if you have more luck than I did ;)