"I'll say Hey, You'll say Baby hows your day?"

Ok I am SO in love with this song. I just found it and I wear out songs like crazy when I first find them. Kinda stinks but I think I get over excited as to how much I actually like it and then after a few days I've ruined it for myself. BUT I have a strong feeling that I wont ruin this one..its too good for that. Speaking of ruining songs, my best friend and I recently talked about how perfectly good songs are ruined due to memories that are conected with them. Come on you know the ones I'm talking about. That one song that reminds you of your first crush or tragic breakup song. Well we have made a pact not to ruin perfectly amazing songs anymore. We are saving them for the good ones! Haha. Please tell me we are not alone on this! Enjoy the song!  And remember don't ruin it  by overplaying it in the first 24 hours! .Happy Wednesday, almost at the weekend!


  1. awesome song! would make a great First Dance at a fun and quirky wedding :p

  2. love this song!
    ps- i'm your new follower... you're cute!


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