Homemade Stromboli and things

Lets talk about Stromboli. First off I have to admit that although I'm Italian, this weekend was my first Stromboli tasting. Yes of course I liked it, it was delicious and I'm Italian. What more need I say? My mom, of course being the amazing Italian woman that she is,made these herself and I watched in on the process. It's actually quite funny how my whole family gets in on the blogging action! Whenever something special is happening they tell me I might want to blog about it and get a camera haha I love my family. Thank you for helping my blog mom! So here it is. The Stromboli, we cheated this time and bought the pizza dough from a pizzeria (yes they sell you just the dough) Do they sell this everywhere? I have no idea but definitely in New Jersey. So we buy the dough and spread it out into an oblong shape. Slice some mozzarella and pepperoni and add some Parmesan cheese! Roll it up. Wash the top with egg whites and add a little oregano to look wonderful and Badaboom.

Here is a pictre of me and the Birthday girl! Sweet 16!

My sisters friend got her the most delicious red velvet cupcakes I have EVER eaten in my life. The box was so adorable I had to take a picture. The box looked like a little store!

Hope you all had an amazing weekend! I'm in need of a gym and a diet after all the yummy treats I ate this weekend. Flordia countdown is 11 days!


  1. Everything in this post looks so yummy! That cupcake box is so stinkin cute, I love it!

    And you are gorgeous! xoxo

  2. That looks SO yummy. True Italian right here :)
    Can't believe your sissy is 16, don't they grow up fast? Time just fliessss!



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