Happy Pink Friday

 Happy Pink Friday

 I am loving pink and thought I'd share it with you all :) Pink is the color I wear when I want to feel girly and feminine and just plain old fun! Yes I added a picture of myself, I had to the flower is stinkin Huge & Pink!

 How could anyone resist those oreos?

 Yes please, I'll take one of whatever that is.

 This will be me in Florida in a few short days.
pictures from here

And  I really do have a pink camera too!

Happy Weekend Friends! Enjoy it and relax


  1. that bedroom is amazing! i'd feel like a princess!

  2. That picture of you is gorgeous, I've always loved it :)
    Pink Oreos? That sound like a recipe for death to me! hehe


  3. wwo :) LOVE that picture of you girl and ahh pink oreos! i may have to be on the lookout for that :) your blog is fabulous! i can't wait to see what you post next!

  4. pink is the best color, just take it from my blog :) i want one of those oreos right this second. the pink frosting really is so much more appealing than the white.

  5. Emily I LOVE the pink flower in your hair in your photo. AND the pink oreos AND the toes. Have fun in Florida. Happy Friday! :)


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