The final stretch

 2 days. 5 Tests. I Paper. This is what is left until I am a free woman and off to Florida for spring break. In the meantime, I'm studying my little butt off trying not to go insane. If it's possible for your eyes to fall out then I think my will soon do so from staring at pages and pages of notes. Until I'm free this picture is helping me get through it all and all I can manage to say is Holy Yumminess. I want some of that.

Happy Thursday.


  1. Cookie dough looks so good!!! Have a wonderful time in Florida, get tan...

  2. Yay, at least you only have 2 days left! You'll get through it, especially knowing a fabulous spring break trip awaits you!!

  3. OMG that looks so yummy! Good luck on the tests, sweetie:) Hugs and kisses

  4. That would be a great study break im sure!!!
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  5. That looks amazing. I want some now :)

    I live in Miami and weather here is great right now ... hope you enjoyed visiting the sunshine state!



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