Buy me, I'm cute

 I swear that clothes speak to me. If you tell me this hasn't happened to you, I don't believe it. It's a weird thing though,  it usually goes something like this...

Cute Clothes: "pssst"
Me: "me?"
Cute Clothes: "Yes you, look how cute I am!"
Me: "you are pretty cute."
Cute Clothes: "Buy me"
Me: "Ok"

The clothes usually win. There's not much of a struggle or anything which is a problem. The clothes seem to convince me that I need to buy them. Of course Forever 21 is the worst place to go into. Instantly numerous pieces of clothing start harassing me to buy them.Its kind of ridiculous. Very rarely do I walk out empty handed and this past month was no exception. Here are a few pieces that are now in my closet.

Never have  I ever worn a maxi dress but I picture myself wearing this out to lunch with some friends

This shirt says to dry clean only but I washed it in my washing machine and it came out fine so don't believe the tag

A cute casual comfy shirt I usually wear to work out or just hang around

This is a horrible picture but I got that romper in blue