Age-O Meter

 Caution: What you are about to witness is terrifying.

Pretty frightening huh? Thats supposed to be me in 30 years. If you yourself want to see the scariest thing ever then just hop on over to the Age-O- Meter on facebook and see yourself in 30 years.  The Age-O-Meter from Rodan and Fields dermatologists allows you to see what your skin will look like years down the road. Lets hope this thing doesn't work too well because I am NOT liking what I see. Go over and check it out for yourself. As for the picture above, lets just ignore that. Although how can you shut something that frightening out of your memory?


  1. We shall see BUT I doubt it, you are like fine wine Emily, only will get better with time. You are beautiful!!!

  2. thank you Christine I hope so!

  3. I think I'd rather wait 30 years :) haha!!


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