Happy Valentines to me

It's not a shock that Monday is Valentines.If it is a shock then it's a good thing you decided to read my blog today. Valentines otherwise known as a hallmark holiday, single awareness day or maybe singles appreciation day. Whatever you call it and however you feel about it,  ready or not here it comes! This year will be me and my girlfriends with some chocolate and "The Bachelor". I really cant think of a better thing to do! Anyone else addicted to this season of the Bachelor?? I'll  also be baking some red velvet heart cakes and I'm pretty excited about it! My bag of Hershey bliss you saw last week, well that's almost empty so I may have to get another bag :) There are some cute pictures below to inspire you, I know I think they are all adorable! However you will be spending your valentines I hope you enjoy it and have fun. If you have a special someone, don't get caught up in the day, treat everyday as Valentines. You don't need a hallmark holiday to celebrate your love for each other. And my favorite song ever by Dave Barnes, if you've never heard him you have seriously been missing out!His voice is like chocolate and hes cute too which doesn't hurt. Maybe you'll find a few new songs for your valentines playlist. I also bought myself a little V-day present ;) J.Crew is always good to me. Check it out below. You like?

$5 at J.Crew Clearance store! Yay for steals & deals, Happy Valentines to me!


  1. You're so right! Every day should be like Valentines day! Unless he chews too loud, leaves the toilet seat up, or forgets to take out the trash!!
    Haha, jk.

    You're bracelet is fabulous;)

  2. LOVEEEEE the Bachelor! And red velvet cupcakes :)

  3. cute cute bachelor! and i didn't want to get hooked on the bachelor, i really didn't - but emily and her story just caught me. dang it, i have to watch every episode now, haha


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