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{Tory Burch}

Classy,Sophisticated, successful.

These are just a few words that come to mind when I think of the designer Tory Burch. Did you know she started her business from her Kitchen? Yes really her kitchen. Tory Burch was launched in 2004 and has spread internationally. She is, in my eyes the epitome of a successful designer. She has three sons , a booming business and keeps herself together. I would love the opportunity to sit down with her and pick her brain. She is a member of the Council of Fashion designers of America, awarded the Fashion Group International Rising Star Award for best new retail concept( if you're wondering why you should check out the 2nd picture again) and has received numerous other awards. I have been to her store in Soho and it is an experience walking into that store, it feels like you're walking into your dream closet, a very expensive closet for that matter.  On top of that she started the Tory Burch foundation which helps  to provide economic opportunities to women in the United States. She partners with ACCION USA to provide loans and financial help to small businesses. Shes pretty awesome I'd say. I wonder how in the world she has time to have 3 sons? Some of my favorites from her collection include the Reva flat (named after her mom) as well as all her tunics. I love her style, the simplicity of a classy outfit and how she has changed the face of  classic American sportswear. If you haven't checked out her clothing, you need to !

Ps. fun fact of the day my roommate and I will be having pictures taken of our apartment for a new brochure! We think its about time we became famous :)


  1. eeeee! i LOVE tory burch! santa swooped a pair of her quilted reva flats for me for christmas and i'm currently eyeing another pair as we speak!

    she is classic and a major favorite in my book. ♥

  2. that store is stunning! and her clothes are so classic : )

    ps i'm your newest follower


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