Bikini tops & icing

 I know you've all been dying (sarcasm) to know what I did last night and what I'm doing tonight. So I'll end the suspense and show you what my exciting weekend has consisted of. The pictures you are about to see let you into my world. Don't judge.

1. I bought a new black bikini top from target( I love that store way too much)
Why you ask? Well friends my wish to escape the Arctic cold has come true and
I'm jetting off to Florida in a few weeks! 
5 simple words come to mind : Thank you Jesus and Daddy :)

2. Besides getting ready with a bikini top I was inspired to get rid of the 
dreary french mani and spice things up with neon pink! 
What says Florida more than a hot pink mani & pedi?

3. Redbox= the best invention ever! While I may have rented a kids movie, I was only given 4 pages of options, and really bad options at that. So "How to train your dragon" it is! I will give you a movie review don't worry.

 Oh yeah and I may have picked up a few extra necessities. Like the Hershey Chocolate Bliss hearts. Let me tell you they truly are Bliss. The serving size happens to be 6 pieces.Que heavenly hallelujahs! I love chocolate, end of story. Oh yeah and I went to the gym yesterday so I very much deserve those 6 pieces of yumminess.

It is wayyy more hot pink than this picture lets you see 
but its called Screamin Fuchsia just to give you an idea.I highly suggest you try it. It is clinically proven(by me) to boost any mood.

(Angels Singing)

Now, I may or may not have eaten a few spoonfuls of this, but how can you not?! And its for my sugar cookies which I will bake tonight

 And what is that exciting stuff you ask? That would be my History book which I read for an HOUR last night and then did not do too good on the quiz anyway. And those other boring books are for my research paper which I've been working on. Oh Joy. And those two square shaped things with addresses? Yep those are old fashioned hand written letters! Gotta love a letter every now and then.

Does anyone besides me still write snail mail? And please tell me I am not the only one who eats the icing out of the jar!


  1. Icing out of the jar == HELLO YUM! Also, my nails are a HOT HOT pink right now! haha.. They remind of me of the hope of warm weather to come! Have such an AWESOME time in FL! :]

  2. Ohh snail mail! I haven't written any in awhile, but I am secretly such a lover of it :)

    Where are you going in FL?! Samesies over here, missy! Except, I have yet to pull out my bikinis/order new ones. Should probably hop on that..eeek!


  3. I love that bathing suit! So much! Target never ceases to surprise me. Your vacation will be so fun!

    And yes, snail mail and icing out of the jar: Perfection.

  4. Love the bathing suit AND love Target. They have great stuff!

  5. Hi Emily! Just found your blog and it's so cute! I am totally going to find this color. I've been boycotting winter and only wearing bright pink for a couple weeks now and this is perfect!


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