Why Follow a Blog?

It's Monday once again and unfortunately I can't help but be reminded that in exactly one week the final semester of my junior year will start! New classes, which means new people,new homework, and new opportunities! I'm not exactly thrilled about going back to classes but life must continue.
I think as bloggers we are constantly pondering certain questions like "Why do people read my blog?" and "How can I get more people to follow me?" or "What do I have that no other blog has?" With that said I'm going to tell you exactly why I choose to follow certain blogs. Why do you read the blogs that you read? I'm sure that it's different for all of us but I think there are a few of the same characteristics we look for. I'm simply going to share with you a few blogs that I follow (they are my faithful followers as well!) and why I follow them. What draws me to keep going back to their blogs? Keep reading, go on.

Like friendship I'm very picky. Id rather have 5 best friends instead of 50 acquaintances. Maybe you're the same. For me its more about quality than quantity. When it comes to blogs, I pick carefully who I follow. This isn't because I'm a mean person but I'm picky in who I choose to follow. You don't just become best friends with every person you come in contact with do you? Nope didn't think so, well its the same for blogs, you can't just follow every single one you find. Here's a few reasons I follow blogs

1. I connect with the blogger as well as their topics
2. I enjoy reading them! Whether they make me laugh smile or inspire me
3. I gain something from them - whether that be great recipes,beauty or fashion tips

I wont just pick any old blog to follow, I spend a few minutes perusing through blogs every now and then but it takes me no longer than about 20 seconds to decide whether or not I will follow that blog. Harsh? No, I don't think so. They say don't judge a book by its cover but sometimes we must. I don't have all day to sit here and dig through a blog to find the good parts, if I don't like the first few posts or if something doesn't catch my eye then its Adios!
Below Ive compiled a list of a few blogs that I adore and love to follow. Each one brings me something completely different and each one is totally different. That's the beauty of blogging, there's a million out there but they are all completely different in their own way. While I'm at it let me say THANK YOU for following my blog, for whatever reason you choose to follow me thank you and trust me I'm trying to improve my blog all the time and I'm more than open to advice! My blog is getting a face lift shortly so be checking back for it! OK , sorry back from the random rabbit trail. Without further adieu here are a few of my favorite blogs.

1. Daily Eday - This blog is so fun! It always seems to make me smile or laugh.
She is completely real and honest in her posts and I like that

2. Vintch- Courtney's blog is so well written
(I seriously feel like I'm reading a well written novel and its wonderful!)
and we share the same beliefs about faith

3.Story of My Life- Jenni lets us into her world and I feel like
I really know who she is through her blog,not to mention shes classy
and has impeccable taste

4. Just A Girl in a City- First off I love Kelly's graphics and
they caught my eye immediately. I just love how the layout is so fresh and clean. The way she writes with different size fonts and little touches like that makes it more fun to read.

I Love every single blog that I follow and I love all of you who follow me! I simply could not sit here and write why I love every single blog. But hopefully my reasons for why I follow blogs will help you to maximize your potential for your blog! What are your thoughts and reasons for following blogs? Hopefully we can all learn from each other and improve our blogs! And of course be sure to check out the blogs above! Have a wonderful Monday!


  1. you are such a sweet friend. i'm so glad we've connected in this crazy blog world- it's so nice and fun to find a fabulous friend (ok how many F words can i use??) that shares my faith (one more!)

    thanks so much for the sweet shout-out. your blog is a daily read for me, so keep those awesome posts coming!

  2. i'm glad i discovered your blog emily!! i will definitely be hitting the 'follow' button, because your authenticity in this post has me captivated!
    i usually know within the first 20-30 seconds if i'm going to follow a blog too. i follow a lot of blogs - maybe too many, but there's a core # of like 20-25 that i read religiously!

  3. Thank you Courtney! and thank you so much Kinsey you girls are so sweet!

  4. Hey Emily! Just saw your comment and stopped right in!! LOVED this post!! Very thought provoking. Thanks so much for the mention, I am HONORED!! :) I really love all the blogs on your list, and a couple of them I follow regularly as well.

    PS - I don't remember if I told you or not, but I went to Chic-fil-a and got that freaking awesome peppermint shake right after I read about it on your blog!! Lol!!! YUMMY!! :)

  5. Im so glad you loved it jenni, it was too delicious to keep to myself :)

  6. You're just the sweetest, Em! I feel so special for being mentioned! You're little blog here is a great find and I have so enjoyed reading your posts and getting a feel for who you are.

    Can't wait to read more! :)


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