What's in the suitcase, uh I mean purse?

I bet you want to know what's in here, don't you?

Ahh the suitcase, I mean purse

The contents= Absolute Necessities

Don't be mistaken that is NOT a glue stick I promise, however it is the best chapstick ever! Palmers Coca butter.I highly suggest trying it. Secondly, hand sanitizer. I am constantly sanitizing and have I been sick at all you ask? Once for a few short days but I'm always using this baby(Vanilla bean noel, bath & body works). In the middle you may notice my Burts Bee's cuticle cream. It's pretty much amazing and makes my cuticles look pretty darn good if I do say so myself. Fourth from the left, Floss! Don't even think about going on a date without having floss in your purse! There is nothing more annoying to me than something stuck in my back tooth or worse yet, a big hunk of something right in the front. So I put this puppy in here and it saves me from being annoyed and embarrassed all at once. Last but not least, nobody wants to have a shiny face and these oil blotting pads literally get me through the day. I use about two a day and they work so great without removing makeup! All these thing's can be found at Harmon's or CVS except of course the bath and body works sanitizer. Now go ahead, don't bail on me yet, keep reading.

I've been told I have a purse like Mary Poppins. I have been known to always have some random object that someone has needed and I can't say that I hate being prepared. Do I hate carrying a purse that weighs about 5o pounds YES! But I also hate when my toes get wet from wearing flats in the rain and lets face it, I do it anyway. Some things in life I'm willing to suffer for, fashion and convenience are two of them. I call my purse the "squirrel bag" because I feel like a squirrel digging through it aimlessly trying to find something. Until a few months ago I thought I was losing things like crazy until I discovered a rip in the bottom of the lining in my purse. Lo and behold there were all the missing things floating around between my purse and the lining. But there are some things a girl just has to have out of sheer necessity.

For one, my wallet is about 10 pounds but not my fault, I need every single one of those stupid cards in there! Number two, I need the 3 oz cocoa butter lotion for my hands,especially in the winter unless I want to look like I have snake skin for hands. I guarantee you all understand exactly what I'm saying because if you were to even try to downsize(GASP) on whats in your purse you couldn't! You simply have to have all that's in there!

To you girls who are able to live everyday with a clutch or even better just a wallet ,I salute you. I wish I could dispose of the 50 pound squirrel bag I carry around but I simply cant, I would feel naked and scared without it.

What are your "Must haves?"


  1. Oh my gosh, I call my purse a suitcase too. Ha! It gets SO heavy because I carry everything in there!

  2. I have been in need of a good chapstick.. I am going to have to try this out! thanks for sharing!

  3. i hear you loud and clear! i'm the SAME way. my purses get so heavy! hahaha and i love that you call it a "squirrel bag"!

    my must haves would have to be: Benifit's Bad Gal mini mascara and sephora dark brown eye liner for touch ups (i have longggg days and if I want to meet up with friends after i need to do some sprucing!) and my burt's bees pomegranate chapstick.

  4. girl, we are kindred spirits! i can't tell you how many things i have just given up searching for because i could not find them ANYWHERE, and lo and behold i feel a little lump in the lining of my purse...aaah! my essentials are burts bees, a good lip stain, and a pair of backup earrings just in case:)

  5. My must haves: Burt's Bees chap stick, I have not one, but TWO wallets in my purse, one for my check book, one for my every day needs (shame on me). I keep my make up, and my Lily Pultzier day planner on hand as well.
    Yikes for being a bag lady. Me = Bag Lady.

    Have a splendid day darlin'.

  6. Burts Bees seems to be favorite! I'l keep in mind all your little tricks and tips ladies!

  7. My purses are always huge as well! Love your must-haves; mine are pretty much the same! xoxo


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