A weekend in review

1. Sweet Frog- If you haven't heard of it or tried it you should.
Its a self serve frozen yogurt place with a ton of topping such a yummy treat!
2. Basketball Game with some girlfriends
3. Jimmy Needham concert! it was a tiny venue so it was awesome
he's incredible and you should definitely check him out
4. Remember how I said I was in need of a shopping trip? Check. I got a few things from Forever 21, never steers me wrong and never hurts my wallet!

                 Bringing out my inner sailor $6.80              I'm in love with this necklace! $6.80

What did you do this weekend?! I hope you treated yourself well :)


  1. Those are both great finds! And not to mention, I'm looking over to see that you're one of my followers and my name is right under my most favorite blog ever, 100 layer cake! Eek!

  2. Hi Emily, your mom told me about your new blog, love it!!! Love the necklace!! Will be checking out the blog more in depth. You rock!

  3. heyaa
    how you doing?
    Thought I'd pass through and check out whats new on ya blog,
    after all what are followers for aye? haaa
    your blogs soo cool, yeah your right that necklace is really nice :)
    I love bball games, my brother is 13 and 5ft11 and plays basketball, his like infactuated for it - bonus really as he always gets free VIP tickets to bball games so I tag along haaa



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