A Recap

1. Yesterday I drove 8 lovely boring hours back to school
2. I unpacked all of my belongings as well as my new comforter into my room(yay!)
3. I returned to a bug the size of an elephant sitting on my desk which my guy friend so nicely put there.
4. I painted a fresh coat of french manicure on my nails
5. I listened to 3 lectures for my online class(the teachers voice is utterly annoying)
6. I'm off to the gym where I know I will be met by tons of gym goers who recently have placed "go to the gym" on their new years resolutions which makes it completely impossible to find a machine that I like
7.Tomorrow the first day of spring semester.Not sure if I should be excited or not but I'll let you know. Too bad its not like the first day of kindergarten when everyone is excited and dresses up in their best dress. Not to mention mom taking a picture of you in front of the house in your new outfit. Nope, it's just another semester of college, no picture taking  or new outfit to be found.

Have a lovely week!


  1. LOL at driving past the gym twice a week! :P

    I also LOLed at the thought of you coming back to your desk to find the giant bug! Argh! I would have had a heart attack! :O

  2. hahahaha! i love that cartoon! too funny.

    good luck this semester! so exciting :) you're one step closer to graduation than you were yesterday! xx


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