Project Magazine organization

If you're anything like me then you hate to throw away magazines,especially the good ones (ie. InStyle,Elle etc.) So finally when I couldn't fit anything else onto my bookshelf I decided there needed to be a better way to keep these magazines.Not only do I keep the magazines but they are in chronological order, now I'm not, I repeat NOT an organizational freak but I find it easier to find what I'm looking for when they're in order. So the genius idea hit me to pull out everything that I love from each magazine and sort them into file folders! Oh so stylish file folders might I add from target(3 for $1 yay!) So far I've started three categories and I will add more later on (designer profiles,interior decorating & evening wear) once I get back to target to get more folders! So far I'm working with Summer & Winter Outfits and entertaining( recipes, hosting tips etc.). I'm loving the idea of knowing where everything is and having inspiration at the tip of my fingers.If I'm ever at a loss for what to wear, to the files it is! Need a recipe? To the files! I'm quite excited about this if you cant tell already. What do YOU need to organize? Have any great organization tips?

Happy Organizing!


  1. this is such a great idea emily! i feel like similar thoughts have popped into my mind, but i haven't taken the time to do this. what a fun project though.

  2. That's a really awesome idea! :D

  3. I'm always tearing out articles, outfits and recipes from magazines. I have a sketchbook that I've glued them in. I'll have to blog it :)

  4. This is so smart! I HATE throwing my magazines away! I better start doing something like this.


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