Little Black Dress

Well I guess the Secrets out now. I bought this dress for one of my best friends weddings in May(I'm a bridesmaid!) and I couldn't wait until then to post pictures. Call me crazy but I haven't ever had a fancy little black dress.(GASP) I know, I'm not sure how I've survived until now without one but honestly I've never needed a little black dress before. I feel like it's a cardinal rule that you don't show a dress before you wear it but every now and again Rules were made to be broken. So here I am breaking the rules and I'm revealing my dress to you all months before I wear it. I promised myself I would be completely honest on my blog and that includes all my little tips and secrets( some not so glamorous) but I'm a real person and I want you all to know it. So with that said I'll let you in on a few secrets about these photos.

1. They were taken in my hallway at home
2. My sister took the photos
3. What is that amazingly berry colored background you ask? Well friends that would be my new comforter that I hung up on the bathroom door as a background( I had to get creative!)

With that said..... What do you think of my LBD? As well as my first attempt at a photo shoot?( Be kind :) We all must start somewhere)

As I'm sure this would have been much more glamorous had I not told you all those secrets, like I said I'm a real person and I'm very honest. Hopefully with me revealing these secrets you will better know who I am and love me for it. That's what friends do right?

So here are some pictures of my very first Little Black Dress which comes to my knee and that in its self is a miracle since I'm 5'10''.I'm in LOVE with this dress. I'm obsessed with bows and extra accessories that Make outfits and I without a doubt wanted a one shoulder dress, it just happened to be a bonus that it came with a huge bow!

Dress: Carmen Marc from Lord&Taylor

Hello Beautiful Bow!

And she caught me laughing

Do you own a Little Black Dress(LBD)? I just Love your feedback so lay it on me! :)
Happy Wednesday!


  1. Oh my gosh!
    Fist off, I love your honesty! You're so wonderful for giving that disclaimer because these pictures are great!
    Secondly, can I just say that I'm so glad you said where that dress came from because I'm wallowing in my jealousy right now! You look stunning!
    What a lucky girl you are to have that dress, and what a lucky bride your friend is to have a bridesmaid as pretty as you!

  2. You look totally amazing and that dress is stunning! I love little black dresses!!
    Hugs and kisses

  3. You look amazing and that dress is fabulous!! Also, I love the background!

  4. GORGEOUS! And, I love love your new comforter!

  5. This dress is stunning and you wear it SO well. I love it :) It's the perfect LBD, and you'll be able to have it forever (well, maybe. hehe)
    Gooood job on your first style shots. Sissy did well ;)


  6. cuteeeee pictures!! love the dress and love the comforter! you're just so adorable :)

  7. you look amazing. that photo of you laughing is just gorgeous.
    i just found your blog and i love it!! i am your newest follower :) x


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