A few Fashion Lessons from Miss Lauren Conrad

Que heavenly Hallelujahs!I simply love Lauren Conrad and when I found out she wrote a book I zipped on over to amazon to buy it immediatly. Ever sicne I received it last week I've been off in a fashion dreamland.I have to admit that I'm quite the Lauren Conrad fan. Dont judge me for this but I've been a fan since her Laguna Beach days and then I followed her to the Hills. I love her style and think she is very classy. I read through this book like it was nothing(after all pictures always help!) and I learned quite a few little tips and tricks from her. For one, she inspired me to clean out my closet and drawers filled with clothing. But you know what that means,more room for new clothes!  Maybe I've been living under a rock but I learned some really good  practical tips and  I want to share a few with all of you. Here are a bunch of little tips straight from her book, Thank You Lauren Conrad!

Fashion Tips & Tricks

{When buying jeans keep in mind if they have more than 2% stretch. If they do they should be bought tight because they will "give" allot}

{To keep white shirts white pop 2 aspirin into the washing machine but wait until its full of water}

{For that pair of favorite jeans that have an "unfix able" hole check out Denimtherapy.com. They reweave denim according to the wash of the jeans and charge about $7 an inch and $12 for shipping}

{For suede purses that get a little "nubby" rub a nail file over the area to smooth}

 What are some of your secret fashion tips?

ps. notice my blog got a little facelift? Hope you like!


  1. This is SUCH awesome advice! Thank you for posting! Have to read that book. Not a huge Lauren Conrad fan but this is definitely interesting! And your blog looks wonderful, I'm a new follower so I don't really know what it looked like before!

  2. These are GREAT tips!!! And I just love the new look to your blog girl!! Super cute!!!

  3. Your new header is so simple and clean- love it!
    I haven't finished reading the Style Book yet, I'll save that for the ride back to Lynch tomorrow. Blehh.


    Bloggerista Book Club


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