Ahh the dreaded three letter word. The Flu, I wish it stood for something like "Fabulous Ladies Unite" but noooo. It took me out hard this weekend not gonna lie. This is now day 5 in bed and I must say its relaxing and boring all at the same time. Here's a few random thoughts/observations. Hope not to bore you too much but my brain is kinda mush so theres not too much going on up there at the moment.

Numero Uno. I so badly have missed my mom while being sick. This is the first time in my life that Ive been this sick away from home which = not fun!

Numero dos. I realized I have greatly missed ice pops

Numero Tres. Getting the Flu is a great way to diet. That sort of sounds anorexic of me but I promise I'm not, I WISH I was hungry enough to eat a burger ,fries and a milkshake but I've been hungry enough to eat barely anything

Numero Quatro. Jello tastes amazing when you have a sore throat

List Of Needs/Wants
1. I really want a milkshake..chocolate to be exact

2. I seriously need a pedicure- don't judge but the last time I painted my toes was for Christmas eve. After all its the winter and whos going to see my toes?

3. To gross you out even further I seriously need to shave my legs,like baddd

4. A shopping day

5. Starbucks

6. A girls day- Its only been 5 days I've been isolated in my bedroom but seriously I was
 sick on the first weekend back at school,lameee

7. A Massage- you go lay in a bed for 5 days straight and let me know how your back feels after that

But I want to Thank You all for writing on your blogs because when I was able to keep my eyes open for more than a minute I read your blogs and they helped so much! Hope you all have a fantastic week!

Anyone else craving warm weather like I am??


  1. So sorry love. Hope you feel better soon! xoxo

  2. Awwww BOO!!! So sorry you're sick. It seems like every other blogger I read is sick! Don't think iI'll leave my house til April. :)

    Get better darlin!

  3. oh no! i'm so sorry that you have the FLU! yuck!!! i hope you feel better soon.

    and i agree with you on everything you have put; minus the warm weather. here in southern california we're experiencing it. i'm kinda sad because i want a winter!

    anyways, i hope tomorrow is better for you! xx


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