Caught in the Act

Hi lovies! Sorry I've been MIA, school is already kicking my butt. However I've been on a gym kick recently which is fantastic since it makes me feel incredible. Not to mention I've been eating chocolate...almost daily.In fact, I ate a whole box of raisinets yesterday which just happen to be my favorite chocolate in the whole world. And unfortunatly the world is against me and the stores have put their cadburry eggs out already. Dang im going to be eating quite a few. The little things in life (ie. chocolate) make me happy OK!!! Isn't she a doll?  Sorry for the short and sweet but I gotta run. Promise to bring you something good soon :)

Treat yourself to some Chocolate today, go ahead you know you want to!


  1. good luck with school! don't get too stressed out :)

    hope you have a great Friday, girl! xx

  2. chocolate makes everything better, even school! my co-worker just gave me a bag of ghiradelli squares. they might, MIGHT last me until wednesday!

  3. I'm with ya on school. I started last tuesday and I already feel swamped. This picture is adorable! Chocolate is my weakness too, it's seriously the best that and Starbucks! :) Hope your week is stress free! xox


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