Im dreaming of a white..BEACH!

I have been so incredibly neglectful of my blog. Not only have I not had the time but I haven't had much inspiration/ that an awful thing?? What I Desperately desire however, is a warm beach somewhere I can get my tan on and have a cold lemonade in my hand while listening to the waves crash. Not only do I feel as though I deserve a vacation, (who wouldn't deserve a vacation after finishing 18 hours of classes in a semester) but I don't even know the last time I went on a vacation that required me to hop on a plane. I go to the jersey shore every single summer for weeks but there is not a tad of a resemblance when I look at these pictures of the Melia resort in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Since there's no chance on me actually going to Cabo on my college budget, I'm thinking my only option is to go put my bikini on, grab a towel and crank the heat up layon the floor and play "Island in The Sun" while pretending to be on my dream vacation. Desperate might you ask? YESSS. I hope you all aren't sick of the cold nasty weather yet and if you are, take my advice, go crank up the heat and play "Island in the Sun"

Anyone else need a vacation??


  1. man, oh man! i would LOVE a vacation! that last picture looks like SUCH FUN! oh goodness, now you've got me dreaming at my desk, girl!


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