Blog Guilt

Hello friends, I know its been forever, for some reason I'm more unmotivated during the holidays and school breaks than when I have a million things to do(weird I know).Let me start by saying I hope that someone can relate to me about this topic and I must admit I was a little apprehensive to write about the blogging guilt I've been feeling.

When I first started blogging last year it was completely out of nowhere, like literally one late night at college and I decided to start a blog. At first like everything else that happens I was so into it posting every single day(sometimes twice),checking it every four seconds hoping someone would read it. At first I posted nonsense topics and frankly I never thought anyone would actually read it. I wasn't too concerned about what I chose to write about or what pictures I included( if I even decided to put pictures that is). It was simply a place for me to release some random thoughts in my head and document them in a new way.

I think sometimes it was easier to write then because I wasn't concerned or obsessed with pleasing readers and having followers. More recently I've become obsessed with comments, what countries bloggers are reading my page from, how many page views a day I get, how I can improve my blog and what my blog looks like. I feel like maybe all bloggers go through this stage?

According to Merriam Webster dictionary a blog is a website that contains an online personal journal with reflections and comments

For many bloggers it's a lifestyle, job, hobby, stress reliever, etc. The list could go on and on. I absolutely adore you bloggers who post every single day because I love reading your blogs and I'm always looking to see what's next. However, I find myself wishing I had your brain with unending inspiration to write about. I sometimes think of the crazy things I can do just to write about it (honestly!). Last night I even said, "We have to make chocolate turtles from scratch so I can blog about them!"

Maybe I haven't decided what I want my blog to be yet but a big THANK YOU to every single one of you who reads my blog even though I sometimes drop off the blogging world for days or even weeks at a time. Thank you for commenting because as cliche as it sounds you are really what keeps me blogging.

So where does my title "Blog guilt" come into play, well sometimes I feel guilty for not blogging so instead of me naturally getting inspiration I go and search for it because I need something to blog about otherwise I'm going to drop off the blogosphere forever and lose all my bloggers and ill be a blog fail.( OK maybe I'm a tad dramatic?)Maybe I'm just in a blog funk, i mean that happens with life so why not blogging?

Basically I want to know I'm not alone on this one and this is my cry to know I'm not a blogger fail! And for those of you expert bloggers who are super successful and have a great following, how do you get out of a blog funk and do you too experience blog guilt?

I LOVE you all :) I think after releasing all this I may be getting out of the funk