22 Days till Christmas

Just in case all you lovely friends forgot there are 22 days until Christmas and I can hardly stand it! Yes I have completely been slacking on blogging but I've been so caught up with Christmas festivities and yes just uninspired. But rather than go make up something i decided to show you what Ive been up to. Tonight a bunch of my girlfriends are coming over to make gingerbread houses( I told you I was intense) and I cant wait to see how they all turn out! I've decided to give you all the icing recipe which I will include at the end of this little post so you too can start a new tradition and make a gingerbread house! But I LOVE baking and so does my roommate. Unfortunately our kitchen hardly allows for us both to be in there at the same time but last night we were both in there dancing around each other being little Betty Crockers! I made the classic sugar cookie and as you can see I took ample time to decorate each one by hand with sprinkles. I was going to pass some along to my guy friends but I know that guys cant appreciate the 27 hours I spent on making each cookie cute. Needless to say I'm saving them for my girlfriends! Hope you are enjoying this time before Christmas I know it can get so stressful but don't lose sight of the fun! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

We did what we could with our little apartment and college budget :)

Gingerbread house icing recipe(non edible)
8 cups of confectioners sugar ( 2 lbs bag)
6 Egg whites
1 tsp cream of tartar
Let the eggs come to room temperature! Mix for 8 minutes with mixer, it should be thick not watery or liquidy. If its too liquidy after the 8 minutes add some more cream of tartar just a little bit at a time. Keep icing covered with a damp cloth otherwise it will harden. Have Fun!!


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