Winter Necessities

Don't get left out in the cold this winter! Its never too early to shop for your perfect winter accessories,you never know when the temperature might drop or you might get your first snow! Eek! I can not wait until I see the first flurries of the season it makes me giddy like a little kid again. Here are some of my favorites of the season! Of course all are completely adorable and glamorous :) Have fun looking and if you are lucky enough to buy then please enjoy them for me!

Below: J.Crew convertible gloves. The cuffs button off so they become a fingerless glove! So great, 2 in 1! And oh so glamorous $198

For those of you who love scarves but are at a complete loss for how to get them to stay and look great all day,Look no further! This is a shirt with the scarf attached! No more worrying about how to tie your scarf because they've done it for you! Thank you anthropologie $58

Once again J.crew has managed to bring the bling. Love. $165

Love Love Love. Anthropologie of course. Also comes in other colors $32

Hello Juicy Couture Hand warmers! $45

Whats your favorite winter accessory?


  1. Wow. Those J. Crew gloves are so glam! I definitely wouldn't spend that much on gloves, but if I had that kind of money, I just might.


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