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I'm so excited to be tagged in this relay of friendship! First let me start by saying I enjoy traditions so I am not about to pass up this opportunity to keep this thing going. Relays I think its a great way to introduce myself as well as some other blogs which I really enjoy reading! Courtney from Vintch was kind enough to tag me in this relay of friendship so thank you Courtney! Be sure to check out her blog! So it is my privilege to pass the baton on to a few of my fellow bloggers/ friends, I really enjoy reading each of your blogs and cant wait to read what you write for this relay of friendship. Here are the bloggers who I am passing the baton to...

1. Amanda from A Beautiful Mess
2. Katie from Katherine Couture
3. Kelly from Just a Girl in a City

If you've been tagged answer the following questions then pass the baton on to a few of your fellow bloggers! Some of these questions really made me think for awhile but I did my best so here you go, I am about to let you into my world a little bit more, hope you like what you see :)

1. What did you first want to be when you grew up?
Well, honestly for the longest time when I was little I would always play beauty shop and pretend to be a hair dresser but that wore off at about age 8 so then its always been fashion from there on out. Ive always had this weird fascination with working for a fashion magazine, I think 13 going on 30 made it look so glamorous!

2.Favorite Childhood game?
Tie between dress up and Candy Land! My mom would always rig Candy Land so I would get the Queen Frostine card because she was my favorite(I even dressed up like her for Halloween last year). Then one Christmas my mom gave me this huge box of all dress up clothes with fake jewelry, the little high heels and the whole nine yards and i loved it.

3.My favorite Birthday?
Sweet 16 hands down. I had one heck of a party and it was the most fun I've ever had with all my friends!My parents rented this big limo bus to take us all to hibachi dinner and the place had a DJ so we danced for hours after. Hibachi is my favorite to begin with so it made it all the more fun! We even had chocolate bars customized that had a license plate that said SWT16.

4. Something you've always wanted to do but haven't done yet?
Shoot this is a tough one!! I've always wanted to go to Italy but I haven't yet! My plan is to wait until I get my first real job then spend my first paycheck on a trip! I definitely want to go with girlfriends though, something about exploring a foreign land with my best friends sounds amazing to me. It sounds even better if we're single and don't have anything tying us down!

5.What was your first love?
Another one of those toughies! I'm going to have to go with sewing. Ever since I was little my grandma taught me to sew and we would make clothes for my barbie dolls. Now its a favorite hobby of mine and there's no time i get a greater sense of satisfaction than when I complete a project.

6.First musical idol?
Ok this is soooo embarrassing! The first cassette tape(HA!) that I ever bought was Britney Spear Baby one more time! I wore that thing out!

7. Favorite Gift?
My grandma gave me the most amazing gift and its so dear to my heart. She made each of us grand kids(we are all girls and there's only 3 of us) a book with stories from her childhood. This gift means more to me than nay gift I've ever received because it will always remind me of her and I will always have it. I love hearing about her childhood and she has some crazy stories! I love her for making us each a book and for handwriting every single story.
8.If a theme song played for you everywhere you went -what would it be?
tie between (so cliche) Brown eyed Girl- Van Morrison or Girls Like me - Kellie Pickler
9.Favorite City to visit
I must say I love this little town in Colorado called Estes Park, there's a few cute stores but life is just easy and carefree there. Just surrounded by Gods creation of the Rocky Mountains which are breathtaking
#10 Now this one must have gotten lost in translation somewhere along the way so I've decided to make this one up on my own
10. What is the last movie you watched?
Peggy Sue got married and I really enjoyed it! Its from the 80's and its pretty funny
Hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed doing it! Make sure to check out the bloggers Ive tagged!Happy Monday!
ps. once again sorry it got jumbled at the end, if someone can tell me how to fix this pleaseeee do!


  1. oh my gosh!! i had the b.spears cassette tape ever! looking back i feel so ghetto/embarrassed! i played it nonstop on carrides and everything. so funny.

  2. LOVE your answers! Thanks for playing along:) And what a SPECIAL gift from your grandma. You'll surely cherish that forever.

    p.s. it's OK about britney spears, y'all. at least you had the music when you were younger and had a good excuse. I may or may not have burned it onto my iPod just last year.

  3. that makes me feel better! :) I mean shes pretty good I cant lie i still listen to her every now and then

  4. Love all your answers!! I was pretty obsessed with the Baby One More Time album too hehehe!!!!

    Have a great week Emily! :)


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