Little Things In life

Obviously the name of my blog is "Little Things in Life". Why? Well to be completely honest with you it was a bit random and just popped into my head. But more importantly I didn't want my blog title to be something that wasn't reminiscent of who I am. I literally love the little things in life, i get entertained easily and the simplest things can make me happy. I'm the kind of girl who loves christmas songs in july, looking at the stars and when boys bring me chocolate, one because i love it and two because that's just plain old cute and thoughtful. I have to give it to my ex boyfriend for randomly leaving flowers in my car door handle a few times. Its little things that make me appreciate life. Sometimes I think if you look at life as a whole it can get overwhelming but when you realize first that you are not in control and God is, I think it becomes so much easier to live daily life not worried about huge things.
Here's a list of a few of my favorite little things in life
1. Chocolate- I don't understand how anyone can not enjoy chocolate. Not only do I love chocolate but I love the dove chocolates with the little sayings on the wrapper.Sometimes I keep eating them just to see what ill get next(anyone else do this?), pretty good marketing strategy for them I'd say, don't ya think?
2. Snow- One of my favorite things to do is shut off all the lights in my living room and sit all wrapped up in a blanket in my big chair and watch the snow fall at night. What I Love even more is to stand at the door, open it and close my eyes and just listen to it falling there's something so magical and for a few seconds everything in the world is peaceful and silent
3. Tea- I will be the first one to admit I am a grandma when it comes to tea. Chai is my ultimate favorite but I can never make it like a cafe's so I usually stick with plain old decaffeinated tea. There is nothing that makes me more comfortable than drinking tea right before bed and i always top it off with a snack. But the snack has to be something that goes perfectly with the tea, do you understand? For example peanut butter crackers are a favorite along with animal crackers or a muffin. You have to have the right combination.
4.Game nights- My family and I love playing games, we always bring monopoly to the beach with us when we go on vacation and manage to play for nights on end. I enjoy the fun of game nights and hanging around a table being competitive with my family. If you haven't found a board game or any game that you like, here's a few of my favorites: scattergories, monopoly deal card game and rummikub
5.Chick Flicks- I cry when I watch 16 and pregnant for goodness sake so you know I cry when it comes to chick flicks but I like it and I do it to myself all the time. I love watching chick flicks because they 1.make me feel like Ive got it pretty together compared to the characters in the movie and 2. I am a hopeless romantic and will be till the day I die. Throw in some tea and raisenetts which happen to be my favorite candy and I've got a night in heaven.
So friends why did I just tell you all this? I want you to slow down for a second. Take a breath. Remember that life is not always about the big picture but about the little things that happen everyday. It's about the smile you give the little old man sitting on a bench and the extra big tip you give the waitress who looks like shes had one heck of a day. Its about the little things that you're missing out on if you don't stop and pause to find the little things that bring you joy. If you cant name 5 little things in life that make you happy or bring you joy you need to take a vacation, take a personal day,skip a class or go lock yourself in your closet until you can take the time to find the little pleasures on life :)What are your little things in life that make you happy??
and sorry its all jumbled my posting seemed to hate me today :)


  1. oh emily, this was just lovely! i especially love the way you wrote about the snow. i could visualize it perfectly. i don't often stop to think about a lot of the things on your list, but they are all so special. thanks for the reminder:) one of my little things that i enjoy is driving without the radio, just listening to the tires on the pavement, the highway roaring by, and the sweet silence. it's a nice change of pace from my loud, noisy day:) great post!

  2. i love your blog name - so cute !!

    stop by sometime<3


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