Transitioning into fall

Personally I have yet to decide whether I love the weather transitioning into fall or hate it. Its the decisions you have to make in the morning like should i wear closed toed shoes? bring a scarf? wear a jacket? However, by using all these things one could easily take any summer outfit and prep it for fall. Below are two outfits from anthropology that I thought are perfect for the in between weather.

Below: By wearing a light top with jeans and boots this outfit easily and discreetly slides into the fall category. If its cold all you have to do is throw on a jacket, if its hot all you have to do is take off the jacket and you're good to go. The boots are the classic fall icon and easily welcome any outfit from summer to fall

Below: This no hassle outfit layered two shirts with a scarf, perfect for those early chilly mornings but no worries if it heats up, take off the scarf and even the top shirt to reveal a light sleeveless top if needed.

First look :

Second look:


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