J.Crew Warehouse Finds

Yesterday was my favorite day of the month, yes ladies and gentleman the J.Crew warehouse sale! After waiting in line for 2.5 hours, making a McDonald's run and waking up way too early on a Saturday I found amazing prices on amazing clothes! I spent another two hours inside rummaging through box after box and filling a garbage bag half way full of fabulous finds. Unfortunately the whole bag couldn't come home with me and I had to eliminate but here's something that made the cut! My latest new addition to my jewelry collection. I found this literally at the bottom of a box, after rummaging through too many boxes to count. Needless to say I was thoroughly happy with my find along with my other amazing bargains I found yesterday. And yes this necklace was only $5. Happy Shopping :) Don't give up on looking for amazing deals, know where to find them and be willing to wait for them.