"Fashion Week"

As New York Fashion week is coming to a close it made me think literally of "A Fashion Week". What do you wear each day? What do you wear in a week? How do you determine what you wear? If you're anything like I am you're concerned with when the last time you wore something was and is it too soon to wear it again? As compulsive as this sounds I've even considered putting sticky notes on my clothing with the dates I've worn them last! That might seem drastic but I'm the type of person who recognizes what people wear and when they wear it. If they wear it too soon I'll notice. The most obvious answer as to how we choose what we wear daily is directly linked to our emotional state. Whether it be you're in a good mood and feel like dressing up, or you're sick and can barely think let alone get dressed. Sometimes the only way to feel good is to make yourself dress up. As my business professor always says,"Dress sharp,feel sharp". So I ask, is anyone just as crazy as I am about when you last wore something ? Whats the justifiable time period between wears? And whats your fashion secret to get you in a good mood?Have a great week of Fashion! Remember the saying is true, "Look sharp,Feel sharp!" So Look Fabulous and Feel Fabulous! Happy Fashion Week!