Barbie wears who?!

This is not your moms Barbie Doll and it certainly isn't yours either. Unless you still like playing with barbie dolls I'm sad to say Barbie has the best new shoe collection in town and we missed it. Christian Louboutin, one of the most fabulous shoe designers has designed Barbies latest shoe collection! I'm extremely jealous I must admit, and I wish that this would have happened about ten years ago so I could have enjoyed the fabulous accessories for my own Barbies. Louboutin not only designed nine gorgeous pairs of shoes for Barbie but three new collector Barbies as well. Each of the nine shoes has the classic red sole as well as their own individual shoe bag and box. How do I feel about Barbie having better shoes than I do? Jealousss. Yes ladies its true, Barbie now wears Christian Louboutin!


  1. Chanel gave out special edition one's on FNO! Lotss of designers do this, its amaazinggg.


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