Ugly Shoes- 1 Designers- 0

Sometimes Fashion Designers create what I think to be unwearable creations. Which brings me to ask, "Who would wear these creations?" and "What were they thinking when they made them?" Please steer clear of anything that looks similar to these for everyday wear and once again I ask, What were they thinking?! Sure they may be eye catching but when I think of fashion i think durability and wear ability. If i'm going to pay money for something I want to be able to wear it all the time, not just on a runway.

Why create a backwards upside down shoe?

Hearts are cute when you're 12 and not on heels

One of my personal favorite..the flipper pump

You would need a shoe horse to get me in and a saw to get me out


  1. Bahaha. OMG! My favorite is the flipper. Its has to be one of those "go green" movements! Isn't it? Does buying that shoe help the environment in some way? :] haha. These were great!

  2. Hah yes with global warming I think theyre saying we are going to need flippers on our heels soon, ya know just in case we all of a sudden have to swim for our life in a cocktail dress :)

  3. AH ! But I love the McQueen lobster claws! Haha, I know Lady Gaga is probably the only person who could pull them off, but nevertheless, I still say "long live McQueen!"

    Love your blog, Emily :)


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